No Excuses



The kids are back at school, I should have all the time in the world to exercise… but the thing is, I’ve not really managed a lot of work over the summer holidays so I’m going hell for leather to catch up. I’m just so busy, phone calls, bills to pay, clients to see, food to prepare, marketing to attend to, training course to go on, tradesmen to deal with for my new venture.. so genuinely no time to exercise.

Wow, that was a lot of excuses!! And I actually love to exercise, so for those of you who don’t I’m guessing you could come up with a hundred more than that!

However, we all know that exercise is absolutely crucial to our health and wellbeing, and needs to be incorporated into our weekly schedule. With NO EXCUSES.


When we arrange to meet friends, we arrange a time, and a date, and a location. When we book appointments with doctors, opticians, dentists etc, we do the same. If we have a client meeting, it’s in our diary and we wouldn’t dream of just not turning up… so how about we give exercise, which is, I repeat, crucial to our health and wellbeing, the same if not more, importance.

So this week, I’ve been booking mine in to my diary, my success planner, which I love filling in because I’m very much a ‘list of things to do’ person. My alarm goes off at 5.50am (I know!!) and I allow myself a ten minute snooze. At 6am I force myself, and I really do have to, to get out of bed, pull on my exercise gear, and my trainers, grab a bottle of water and head out of the door. This is what greeted me this morning :


A pretty grey morning yes, but what a beautiful green field. I feel so grateful, through my bleary eyes, that I live two minutes from green fields where I can push my body before starting my day. I’m not a gym bunny, hate machines, so this suits me just fine. I’m literally out for half an hour, then back to do some yoga, meditation/chakra balancing, and by 7am I’m done and dusted and its shower time. I still have my whole day ahead of me, and I feel energised and ready to start it.

Now I know this time in the morning is not suitable for everyone, but the point I’m trying to make is that if you block out the time each day to move your body, doing something you like,( even if it’s just a little bit!)  it’s possible to fit in something that you will reap the rewards from for years to come.

I’m not a saint and I know there will be days when I don’t make it out at 6am, but the more I do it, the more I want to do it. And tomorrow I’ve planned in my Success Planner to return to my Body Balance class, having not been for seven weeks. Yikes, I think it’ll be hugely uncomfortable but then no pain, no gain!

Every time we take even small steps towards looking after our mind and body we make a difference. If you can manage a five minute walk around the block in your lunch break, or a walk to the park with the kids after work it’s a step in the right direction. Written down in your diary, planner or in your phone is more likely to make it happen. NO EXCUSES.

Have a great day!



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