No 2. Key Drink Of The Day

We’ve already established that starting the day with warm water and lemon slices is the healthy way, so todays blog on day 11 of STOP WISHING…START DOING looks at the second most important drink.

It is…drum roll… the Green Smoothie…IMG_9423

You can fit so many nutrients into this wonderful healthy,  gloriously fresh and tasty drink that you’ll feel energised for the whole morning. This ‘drink’ has made up all, or part of my breakfast more often than not , for the last three years, and it’s so in my routine I know I’ll never change.


There are so many variations to choose from, you can just throw it together depending on what’s in your fridge (within reason). The ingredients I always include are MACA powder, which is amazing for the menopause. It’s an adaptogen so my body uses it as it needs to. Also, Aloe vera gel, great for gut health.  Another favourite is ground flaxseeds for omegas, and fibre, and coconut oil for medium chain fatty acids.

Next I’ll take a piece of fruit say, an apple, a few cherries, or a banana, or a few pieces of pineapple, and lastly but of most importance GREEN VEGETABLES. I know some of you really think you can’t stomach green veggies liquified – if this is you how about trying just one piece of green veg at a time, and build up until you’re there with the 80-20 rule of veggies to fruit. IT CAN BE DONE, it’s just a case of training your taste buds!

Fats such as coconut oil and flax seeds are key to us absorbing the green goodness so make sure these are included.

Chloropyll, that’s in abundance in greens, is like liquid sunshine to our bodies, it is so good for us, it can start the healing process inside, so worthy of becoming a habit.

I use either my Nutribullet, or my Vitamix to mix all these goodies together, with a little water to make it a liquid. If you prefer to make a smoothie ‘bowl’ like a green soup, then leave out the water and you’ll get a thicker version. With a smoothie you’re getting ALL the fibre, so energy is released more slowly than say drinking a juice, so the chances are it’ll last you all morning.

So, in summary, green smoothies allow the nutrients to be absorbed easily by the body, to get good, clean, vitamins and minerals into our system first thing in the morning to start your day the healthy way. I found my hair, my skin, my energy , all improved soon after I started drinking these delicious drinks.








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