I’ve got a new hobby and I’m so excited. Many of you may have been doing this for a while. It seems I’ve been missing out on this way of collecting fresh, healthy FREE food – by FORAGING.

On Saturday, my friend Andrew and I joined the lovely Linda Barker and her family and friends and went foraging with an expert. Mina Allsopp has been foraging for years, and is considered an expert on the subject. I’d agree with that having listened and watched her for the day!


We wandered through gardens (with permission!), through fields, looking in hedgerows, everywhere and anywhere where there was greenery. Mina passed on more information than I could keep up with, but I do remember it was all fascinating and I’ll be heading over to her website very soon to catch up  –

She knew all about fungi , focussing on the ones we could pick and ignoring the they didn’t stick in our minds. Good idea! We each had a basket, and soon had quite a collection of food.



Edible flowers went in the basket, nettle seeds, crab apples, various types of fungi, lots of different types of leaves, blackberries, elderberries, and each one Mina knew about in great depth. Her excitement was infectious.


We were out about 3 hours, and it flew by. Back at Linda’s house Mina then set about cooking some of our foraged food for us, along with the samosas, and mung bean curry she brought along with her.  It doesn’t get much better than freshly picked puff ball slices, cooked in tempura batter, decorated with edible flowers, and served with a fresh mayonnaise. Delicious!


I’ve now got the bug! I had another little foraging trip on Sunday to Hetchell woods, and found heaps of blackberries. Next weekend Otley Chevin..roll on more fresh, nutritious, FREE food!



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