Don’t Deprive Yourself, You can Still Eat Sweet Treats!


Processed foods are not great for us, they tend to be full of refined sugar, refined flour, cheap fats that have no nutrients, and often additives that our bodies don't really know what to do with. So eating them regularly isn't to be recommended. But we all have a sweet tooth, right? So what to do when the 'munchies' strike? Introducing ... read more

Be Balanced Monthly Tasting Club


BE BALANCED TASTING CLUB Healthy Sweet Treats delivered to your door, monthly, anywhere in the UK! I've been running my tasting club for the last couple of years, fortnightly, using lots of local willing 'guinea pigs'. It's grown so large, and the food so popular I decide over the summer to make it monthly, national, and bigger and better ... read more

The 4am Mothers Meeting


I love my bed, I love my soft duvet, my pillows and I love the draft that comes in the window in the night from my velux window. I'd love all of these things so much more if I could sleep the WHOLE night. Just for one night would be great, I'd settle for that at the moment. I seem to have joined the 'women of a certain age' 4am sleep club…..and ... read more

The Big Feastival


Having been asked so many times about this amazing 'festival' John and I went to in the summer holidays, here's a quick blog on what was there, and why it's so worth getting hold of some early bird tickets NOW to secure your places. The venue was Alex's James (of Blur fame!) Cheese farm in the Cotswolds, closest place Chipping Norton. We ... read more



Print Rejuvelac Author: Karyn Calabrese Recipe type: Drink (fermented) Prep time:  15 mins Total time:  15 mins   Fermented food have always seemed a mystery to me… then I read Karyn Calabrese's book Soak Your Nuts, and everything changed. Here is an easy recipe that you can make in bulk and incorporate into ... read more

Time Management


I don't know about you but I'm guessing that you're just like me in that you always have so many things to do each day, that your head is constantly buzzing. It's overwhelming and sometimes it's difficult to focus on one job, because the thought of all the others keep creeping into you mind. I used to be able to multi task, at least I think ... read more



I've got a new hobby and I'm so excited. Many of you may have been doing this for a while. It seems I've been missing out on this way of collecting fresh, healthy FREE food - by FORAGING. On Saturday, my friend Andrew and I joined the lovely Linda Barker and her family and friends and went foraging with an expert. Mina Allsopp has been foraging ... read more

No 2. Key Drink Of The Day


We've already established that starting the day with warm water and lemon slices is the healthy way, so todays blog on day 11 of STOP WISHING…START DOING looks at the second most important drink. It is…drum roll… the Green Smoothie... You can fit so many nutrients into this wonderful healthy,  gloriously fresh and tasty drink that you'll feel ... read more

Sponsor A Sister


I'm a little behind with my daily blog posts, here's a short one, but  it's very worthy of a big shameless plug. Last week I went to an NYO Organic Training Day, and we were told all about the Sponsor  A Sister Campaign, through Women To Women International and were shown a very moving video of how if we become a sponsor we can make a very ... read more

No Excuses


    The kids are back at school, I should have all the time in the world to exercise… but the thing is, I've not really managed a lot of work over the summer holidays so I'm going hell for leather to catch up. I'm just so busy, phone calls, bills to pay, clients to see, food to prepare, marketing to attend to, training course to go ... read more