Artificial sweeteners………

………….are they weight loss wonders or total non nutrient foods? No contest – they have no goodness in them whatsoever.

Hip hip hurray, the Daily Mail ran an article on these dreadful things the other day which means a million or so people could have had their eyes opened at last(not sure of the Mails circulation since leaving the ad. industry).

Saccharin, Sucralose and the biggest contender in the market of all, Aspartame, have been marketed as allowing us to eat sweets without the calories and so assisting weight loss.


The science bit :whats happens when you consume ‘diet’ foods is that your taste buds think “great, sweet stuff’s here”, which to the brain means nutrition (and ultimately energy) . However, when it reaches the small intestine the receptors here find no nutrition or calories and send a message back to the brain to say they’ve been tricked – no goodness to work with after all!

So, more messages are sent to say “keep eating until nutrition does arrive”, hence hunger pangs and over eating. In particular you’ll crave carbohydrates (sugar).

Perhaps that’s why there’s been a dramatic rise in obesity at the same time as sales of diet drinks and foods have skyrocketed.

One of my clients who previously consumed ten cans of diet drinks a day, cut it right back to one – pretty good going hey?

She discovered quite quickly that her skin improved, until it glowed. Her hair has become more glossy and her energy levels have increased Although she’s not lost any weight (yet) she looks more toned and her clothes feel better.

If you’re a diet food freak, why not do what she did, stop, and see how good you feel. You’ll be doing your health a massive favour!

Another interesting thing – apparently pilots are not allowed to fly after drinking/eating aspartame. There have been cases of pilots having seizures and its been traced back to apartame.

Need I say more.

Todays Tip : Learn to love yourself, you’re gorgeous and don’t let anyone tell you any different.


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