Weak Moments

So I’m just over a week into my STOP WISHING…START DOING  September campaign to move towards greater health and happiness, after the summer holiday ‘blip’.

I ‘m doing ok, in fact I’m giving myself a pat on the back, because I haven’t deviated from my plan since day one. I’ve eaten well, tons of salad, nuts, seeds, juices.. I’m definitely eating the rainbow right now. I’ve exercised, perhaps not as hard a I could but I’m in a regular routine with it so it’s onwards from here (personal trainer here I come). My mindset is good, I’m focussed. I’m even doing a little meditation every morning.

All sounds great right?! Yes, but don’t get me wrong I am still having what I call ‘weak moments’. Moments where I could just roll over in bed rather than get up early to fit in my exercise. Moments where I could buy a bar of Green and Blacks Butterscotch chocolate and devour it all in one sitting. Moments where that glass of cold, crisp white wine could slip so easily down my throat.

But I’m determined – I will NOT give in. MINDSET MATTERS MOST here. Once you set your mind to something you can achieve anything.. yes really.

“Your mind is a powerful thing, when you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change”. I don’t know whose quote this is but isn’t it a great one?!

The thing is though where food is concerned it can very easily be the thing we give in to. Sometimes on auto pilot we may reach for something and before we know it, it’s in our mouths and gone. Too late to retrieve, and we’re left not feeling great. It’s kind of a Pavlovs dogs situation – I know when I go to my mums house she always has dark chocolate in her ‘treat’ cupboard. I have to actually focus on NOT opening the cupboard door, because if I do that’s it…I’m in and have eaten some, however small a piece, before I even realise.

But I know I can’t live happily without a sweet treat! I just don’t feel satisfied without something sweet. For me it’s a comfort thing, I grew up surrounded by a loving family who made delicious sweets, desserts, puddings etc. So it has connotations, memories, feelings all wrapped up in it. And I guess it’s the same for most of us! It’s so much more than just a bowl of ice cream right?

So yesterday when I had my weak moment I’d prepared for it. It caused no anguish, I didn’t have to fight to regain control, or change what I was doing and quickly do something else. I actually gave in to it!!!! Yes I did, I sat down and ate a bowl of (N)ICE CREAM!

Before you all think I’ve lost the plot the ice cream I ate was made with three ingredients, no chemicals, no refined sugars, no dairy, no nasties full stop. So it fits with my clean eating , and satisfied my sweet tooth, so it was a win, win situation all round! And here it is :


It’s literally frozen banana, blackberries (although you can use any soft fruit) and a little pure maple syrup.The ingredients can be thrown together without really worrying about quantities either, although don’t go mad with the pure maple syrup.

Simply whizz the three things together in a food processor, and hey presto you have the yummiest ice cream… who needs Ben and Jerrys?!

Try it, taste it, you’ll love it, and it’s guilt free! Keep it on hand for those ‘weak moments.

Enjoy, and have a great day.


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