Sponsor A Sister

I’m a little behind with my daily blog posts, here’s a short one, but  it’s very worthy of a big shameless plug.


Last week I went to an NYO Organic Training Day, and we were told all about the Sponsor  A Sister Campaign, through Women To Women International and were shown a very moving video of how if we become a sponsor we can make a very big difference to women who are survivors of war. We can literally change their lives just by giving £22 a month.

I like the idea that we are given a lady who we can connect with, who we can support personally by sending messages directly to her, not just sending money and not knowing. In turn she gets a safe space, where she can connect with other women for support and solidarity . She will get vocational skills and business training, so that she’s able to earn her own income, something we take for granted. She can take her health into her own hands, and have a say in the decisions that affect her and her children. Again something we take for granted.

Neals Yard have made a big difference as an organisation and to date have sponsored over ten women collectively. They’ve also pledge to give £1 to the charity every time we buy one of their friendship tea packs, which will be available soon. You can find it through my website if you click on Neals Yard Remedies.



Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of how lucky we are, and to be grateful for all the opportunities we have in this country that we often take for granted.

YOU can make a difference to a woman who might otherwise not get the choices we have, but through this charity she’ll be able to live a life of choice, and opportunities .

Please help. Sign up through womenforwomen.org.uk, it takes two minutes of your time.

Thanks for reading.

Have an amazing day.


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