Purple Muesli/Chia Bowl


Purple Muesli/Chia Bowl
Recipe type: Breakfast
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I love the colour purple, it's almost replaced pink as my favourite! I also love blackberries, and the fact that I've foraged so many this September, and frozen them, I'll have enough to last me for months. This breakfast takes seconds to make and is so yummy.
  • A handful of fresh, or frozen blackberries
  • A handful of muesli - mine is a Raw Muesli by RawChi Lifestyle, you can order from their website, it's worth it.
  • A small tub of coconut yoghurt, I use Coyo
  • Half a tin of coconut milk
  • 1 tbsp of Chia Seeds
  • Fresh blackberries to decorate
  • Sweetener of your choice if required
  1. Whizz up the fresh or frozen blackberries with the coconut yoghurt, milk and chia seeds.
  2. Pour the purple mixture into a bowl and leave for half an hour to go a little bit firm
  3. Sprinkle the Raw muesli on the top and decorate with the fresh blackberries
  4. Add sweetener if desired.
  5. It will make enough for two small bowls or one large one, depending how hungry you are!
  6. Enjoy!


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