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Welcome to my NYR Organic , Neals Yard Remedies, web page. I am so proud to be part of NYR Organic, having used the products for years and years, and loved their purity, I joined the company last year as a consultant. All of the products are beautiful to use, ALL being organic and all being made in the UK in what is and always has been a family run business. They’re all about holistic beauty and healthcare, which are my values too, hence the wonderful synergy.

They believe that beauty is the outer expression of inner health and wellbeing, so they use no nasties in any of the products. They also include all ingredients on every product so you can see exactly what you’re putting on your skin or into your body.

They are the largest high street retailer of therapeutic herbs, and also have the largest range of CERTIFIED ORGANIC health and beauty products. I use them from head to toe, and inside my body too. The product range includes Organic Herbal Teas, Organic Greens Complex (spirulina, chlorella, wheatgrass and more..), Organic Essential Oils, a full range of Organic Make Up, Bath oils, Skin Creams, Soaps, Bath Oils, and even a range of beautifully presented books.

I am constantly being blown away by the top quality of the products, the care the company puts into them, the marketing, the efficacy, and the results achieved from using the products. I trust you too will be delighted when you check out the range in my shop by clicking on this link.

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