Leading Light…


Today I got the urge  for some Thai food, and given that I'm on a 28 day Raw food cleanse with Karyn Calabrese of Soak Your Nuts fame, I figured the urge would just have to go away! I searched a few recipes on line, didn't find anything suitable so sat down with a cup of tea, and my most recently purchased recipe books. Amazingly I found exactly ... read more

Only Human


Shock horror….I went to the pub last friday and had two glasses of prosecco with some friends. Not only that but I enjoyed it; it was my choice, I wasn't held down, and the fizz poured down my throat. I also occasionally pinch some of my children's chocolate, and admitted to a friend this morning that I ate a Freddo frog chocolate bar earlier this ... read more

What Do The Adrenal Glands Do Anyway?


I had to find out the answer to this question the hard way, when my adrenals stopped functioning in a way that worked for me and my body, a few years ago. I had been working back to back as a personal trainer, had recently got divorced (albeit amicably ) and was running around after three children..and not having much down time, or stopping to eat ... read more

Creamy Coconut Butter


Coconuts are a superfood. It's a fact. One of the most versatile 'products' that Mother Nature gives us. I use coconut oil, and desiccated coconut all the time in my recipes, for their health giving properties. Up until recently I'd never tried coconut butter, and I can't believe what I've been missing. Seriously. It's like heaven in a ... read more

Make A Difference…Be Consistent


Last night at Body Balance I made real progress, and it was like a light bulb moment. I know consistency with anything is key to making progress but sometimes it really needs to hit us  in the face for us to take it in properly and believe it. I've been going to Body Balance at a gym in Harrogate on and off for a year, loved the teacher, loved ... read more

Keep The Connection


Time flies, there's no doubt about it. My eldest son, Ben, is fifteen years old,and all those years seem to literally have gone in a flash. I can vividly remember, his birth, how amazingly special it is to hold your newborn baby in your arms, and how nothing else ,at that moment, matters in the world. I also remember his first birthday. He had a ... read more

Take Just Half An Hour


Don't know about you but mornings in our house can be fractious affairs. Three children needing to get ready, eat breakfast and out for school means fun and games . All talking/shouting/asking questions at once like "where's my games kit mum", "where's my book,I need it first period", "there's no shampoo left", "mum I need £2.50 for my trip".. ... read more

Do Something You Love…


How to change your mindset in a heartbeat... do something you love! Just a quick blogpost today, I just wanted to share this as I've found it sooo useful this morning. Last night things didn't go so well for me, I won't bore you with the details but suffice to say I woke this morning 'on the wrong path'. You know that feeling when you open ... read more

A Natural Cleaner


A couple of weeks ago I got a letter from the environmental health people at Leeds City Council to say they were coming to inspect my kitchen! I had registered that I was making food for public consumption a few years ago, so was expecting them at some stage. The letter however threw me into a little panic. Not because my kitchen is anything ... read more

Energy – It’s Everything


I'm posting today because I'm so grateful I wanted to share it.. I'm giving big thanks for where my life is right now compared to where it was just a few years ago. This morning I've taken my children to school, walked Millie, the dog my mum looks after, at the Ings- one of my favourite places in the world, bumped into two lovely friends and ... read more