Weak Moments


So I'm just over a week into my STOP WISHING…START DOING  September campaign to move towards greater health and happiness, after the summer holiday 'blip'. I 'm doing ok, in fact I'm giving myself a pat on the back, because I haven't deviated from my plan since day one. I've eaten well, tons of salad, nuts, seeds, juices.. I'm definitely eating ... read more

Thinking Ahead…


I've had a really busy day today on a training course, and the last thing I felt like doing when I got in was what I'm going to talk about on todays blog; Day 7 of STOP WISHING…START DOING. I did it however because to reach my goal of getting back into a fully healthy lifestyle I have to push myself. And the subject is:   We've ... read more

All Things Raw…


Day 6 of  STOP WISHING…START DOING, moving forwards to a healthy and happy way of living, after lapsing during the summer holidays.Today we're talking all things raw with a lady called Renee Maguire who leads a healthy raw lifestyle. I had the pleasure of meeting Renee  at a shoot we were both invited to take part in, for the JTC Omniblend ... read more

Sugar Rush


Hi guys , welcome to my day 4 blog - STOP WISHING...START  DOING.. getting back into clean eating after the summer holidays. I'm in awe of Jamie Oliver in a BIG way! I was lucky enough to go to the Big Feastival in the Cotswolds last weekend, and not only did I watch him preparing the most delicious looking food, but also got to spend time in ... read more

Everybody Poops


Great title for todays blog post for day three of STOP WISHING..START DOING! moving back towards a healthy and happy way of living, after lapsing during the summer holidays. So yes, everybody poops, we all know this fact although it's often frowned upon to talk about it, the British being such a reserved nation on the whole. Actually it's a ... read more

Day 2 : If you only make one change to your morning routine..


...make it this! So here we are on day two of STOP WISHING...START DOING! Moving back towards a healthy and happy way of living after lapsing during the summer holidays. Yesterday was a good day for me, I did some yoga, fifteen minutes on my TRX, and even managed to fit in a walk in the sunshine. I ate well, no nasties. I didn't manage a ... read more

Stop Wishing…Start Doing


So, the summer is nearly over, the kids go back to school in a week and we're back into a routine. How many of you feel glad about this? I do, I'm ecstatically happy that on Monday 7th September my life will go back to some kind of order. Don't get me wrong I've had a ball for the last six weeks. Have been lucky enough to travel to California, ... read more

Yes It’s Really Linda…


About a year ago, I was really lucky to meet Linda Barker, of Changing Rooms and Splash fame, at a health and wellbeing event close to where I live. She was  lovely, and it turns out we have so much in common that we've kept in touch ever since. Linda and her husband are big fans of my Be Balanced healthy sweet treats, so I'm delighted she agreed ... read more

Boost Your Breakfast


Breakfast is one of those things that can get sidelined when you're in a rush! It's often something that's grabbed as we're running out of the door, a quick piece of toast 'on the hoof' or a two minute sit down to demolish a bowl of processed cereal. I love my break-fast but don't always feel the need to have it first thing; but then I'm lucky ... read more