About Ruth

Hi, I’m Ruth Goodwin, a big welcome to my BeBalanced website. I’m so please you’ve found your way here!

I hope you find lots to interest you.

My philosophy is all about health, wellness, energy and happiness. I believe ALL of these come from taking care of ourselves, and maintaining a good healthy gut is key, so my focus primarily is here.

I like to keep things really simple, working with whole organic foods in their natural state as much as possible,  maintaining  energy levels, to stay vibrant , staying grounded,to move lots and to use organic health, beauty and household products.

I believe that our gut talks to us and I wholly believe in listening to what it is saying. Food, drink, movement and emotions influence the  health of the gut and small changes can make a vast difference to our overall health and wellbeing.

My mission is to motivate and inspire a healthy lifestyle in those all around me whether that’s through Energy 4 Life Coaching, my recipes, my lifestyle blog posts, my food shop or my Neals Yard Organic products business/shop.

I came to health through disease, like many people. I’ve battled with IBS, and eczema most of my life and most recently have been challenged with adrenal fatigue.

I chased adrenaline  through my teens, and through my twenties working in the advertising industry, and after having my three beautiful children in quick succession, I retrained to become a personal trainer, and chased adrenaline  once more!

Having now  fully rested my mind and body, I have ‘taken stock’ . I listen to my body, know what it needs , and when it needs to rest and recuperate through ..yoga, energy exercises, meditation, mindfulness, rainbow foods, sunshine, and the great outdoors.

My life is much more balanced than it’s ever been. I eat when I’m hungry and I have more than enough energy for work, rest and play, and I’m loving it.

I trust you will enjoy working your way through my website, and if you’d like to get in touch, feel free. I would really love to hear from you.

Have a beautiful day.